At Unipatatas A/S you will find a wide selection of varieties that match the different sectors within the business.


The path of the potato from the early start and to the final distribution is a long one. In connection with our suppliers, we do everything in our power to make this journey as gentle and secure as possible.


Our products are under constant quality control throughout the entire process. The controls are performed by independent inspectors from the Danish authorities, our breeders and Unipatatas as well. Food safety is of utmost importance for Unipatatas, and in connection to this our main breeders have been GlobalG.A.P. certified, and Unipatatas is certified with GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody.


Unipatatas is specialised in the international trade of ware and seed potatoes. Through many years of streamlining, we have achieved one of the most reliable and loyal supply chains in the industry. With this strength we offer a better product with a higher value.


Our team Is always ready to assist you by either phone or email.