Planting of potatoes

By using the latest technology in GPS control, the fields are first opened with a bedformer, followed by removal of stones and clumps of clay and soil. The process is finished with precision planting and fertilising.

Lifting of potatoes

The potatoes are lifted under the most gentle conditions by use of the very best and modern harvesters. From here, they are placed in containers of approximately 15 metric tons, then ventilated and dried before further handling.

Sorting of potatoes

About 6 weeks after lifting, the potatoes are ready to be sorted. They are carefully loaded into a receiving hopper where various dirt is removed by the spirals. From here, the potatoes are sorted into sizes and pass through a quality inspection. The final size calibration is made before the batches are gently filled into ventilated siloes, by means of shock absorbers.

Packing of potatoes

After the ventilation process, the potatoes are emptied out of the siloes for packing. A final quality control is performed before the potatoes end in the buffer tank where each pack is electronically weighed. Next, each bag is labelled with its own plant passport before the process continues to palletising. At the end, each pallet is wrapped with polynet so the pallets are best equipped for transport to all corners of the world.